ADA Compliance Statement


Village Camper Inn RV Park wants everyone who visits our website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. We strive to make our website accessible to persons of all abilities and maintain ADA compliance standards as allowed by time and budget constraints.

What Are We Presently Doing to Make our Website More Usable to People With Disabilities?

We have recently completed a review of the site to identify non-compliant elements and are working to bring them into compliance.

During the 2nd quarter 2019, we will be starting the review on the following accessibility items:

Backend Modifications

  • Identify the Site’s Language in Header Code (Example English)
  • Label All Images on the Website with Descriptions of the Image (Alt-Tags)
  • Check and Add Labels to All Form Fields on Contact Forms (and/or Reservations forms where possible)
  • Fix Empty Links
  • Fix Empty Headings
  • Fix Menu Broken ARIA
  • Fix Redundant Links
  • Fix Buttons Text & Other Anchor Texts
  • Fix Headings & Logical Order

Interface to Adjust the Website’s UI

  • High Contrast Mode
  • Dark Contrast Mode
  • Monochrome Mode
  • Images Removal
  • Readable Font
  • Font Size Adjustment
  • Big Mouse Cursor

ADA Compliance Document

  • Add ADA Accessibility Document That Provides the Status and Timeframe For ADA work on our Website and physical location

After these are completed we will continue to review our site to insure we are providing our visitors with disabilities a better website experience. Again, should you see anything that you believe will help the disabled to use our website please use the contact information provided so we may review the issue and respond to your concerns

Accessibility features in our Establishment:

Restrooms with Wheelchair access, level generous sized RV Parking,.

Our efforts are ongoing as ADA standards and guidelines may change, or we may find additional compliance items that need to be edited on our website.

This accessibility statement only covers You may find outbound links to other sites and accessibility on those sites is the responsibility of the site owners and are not managed or controlled by

Need Help or Have Questions?
If you need assistance navigating this website, please use our contact form. We also want to hear from you if you have questions or feedback about this site’s accessibility.

Phone: (707) 464-3544
Pamela Hintz Jensen